Melanie Haefner

Portraits & Landscapes

Melanie Haefner is a Berlin-based freelance photographer. She was born and grew up in the GDR, the former eastern part of Germany. She studied philosophy in Berlin and later applied and artistic photography, when living in Vienna, Austria for more then 10 years. Returning to Berlin in 2013 she focused her work on portrait & landscape art photography, attending seminars at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, e.g. with Sybille Fendt and Grit Schwerdtfeger, as well as the free class with Eva Bertram at Neue Schule für Fotografie.

The main theme of her artistic exploration is the multitude of facets in nature, drawing the attention to the abstraction of the Physis. Photographically her work orients to the found, identifying and capturing the surprising within the well known. She creates haunting images without the inclusion of a narrative perspective that leave the viewers space to touch with their (very own) story.

"Even though everyone understands the universal language of imagery, it is intriguing that everyone reads that language differently. Depending on the respective context and personal experiences, everyone interprets images differently – from their distance to the depicted story."

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